September 15, 2019

4th English – Cypriot Law Day

The 4th English – Cypriot Law Day was once again successfully held in Limassol, Cyprus on 13 September 2019. The event was impeccably organized by the Cyprus Bar Association and the Bar Council of England & Wales. As usual it brought together high-calibre individuals from Cyprus and the UK. It addressed matters ranging from developments to UK – Cyprus legal business, Brexit and its implications for Cyprus – UK, to the international reach of business crime in the compliance age and sanctions, up to developments in international arbitration.

Kyriacos Kourtellos who was called to the Bar of England & Wales by Lincolns Inn in 2010 and registered as Advocate of the Supreme Court of Cyprus in 2011 attended the event.

The First Session addressed new developments of importance to UK – Cyprus legal business, including an update on civil justice in Cyprus, court reform e.g. new Commercial Court (with proceedings in English), Court of International Protection, reforms in the Court structure and the Civil Procedure Rules.

The Second Session covered Brexit, including the civil judgments regime in the UK post exit date and the recognition and enforcement of UK judgments and internationally post-Brexit; with a particular twist referring to a potential return to old common law principles. Moreover, the applicable regime on lawyers’ immigration and practice rights post Brexit in the UK and Cyprus was analysed.

Of particular interest was the Business Crime Panel which discussed unexplained wealth orders, bribery and corruption, the 5th AML Directive, international criminal confiscation and, importantly, the growth of international registers of entities and individuals.

The fourth session provided useful insight on how sanctions work, with reference to the Iran tanker (EU sanctions) and Huawei (US sanctions, as well as the sanctions against Russia and Ukraine and the relevant Cypriot concerns.

The final session concerned recent developments in international arbitration, with analysis of EU Dispute Resolution, arbitration and BITs, with emphasis on Achmea v Slovakia. Additionally, reference was made to the availability and use of interim Protective Measures in relation to international commercial arbitration.

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